Crazy multi-blade circular saw

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Reminds me of this classic:


I mean, if you were an evil supervillain wouldn't you use a helicopter with sawblades dangling from it?
GrahamF":1gdwep7q said:

Do you have the pilot's telephone number? I have 400 trees to prune over the next few weeks, and like a Muppet I do it by hand - climbing into each tree with a chainsaw. This looks much more sensible.

Where do I get one?
No No NO.....

No crown guards, no push sticks not even a Grr. ripper, bl**dy Yanks. :lol:

he's rather too close to the power lines for my liking, wonder if he's insured. :(
someone needs to do this with a drone! what could possibly go wrong? :lol:
pollys13":21vgx9lc said:
No felled trees though, just a trim, don't see the use of it.
Presumably to control growth near the power lines. In the UK they use a bloke with a chainsaw and a cherry picker.