Cranked flush inset door hinges for 1" thick door?

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23 Jun 2013
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Has anyone ever managed to find a cranked cabinet door hinge that works on a 25mm thick door? It seems like the only thing that anyone sells is for 16mm thick timber, and I've opted for a thicker door, just because. Seems like the sort of thing that might come in options, but I'm coming up blank on all my searches!
I used to use hettich ones but wouldn't remember part number etc. The concealed hinge market is a bit of a minefield... So many options. What you want to look out for is the thicker the door, the bigger the gap tends to be. The hettich ones had a 40mm cup with 5mm backset (from door edge). Used with '0' mount plates would retain a 2mm gap. Speak to a good local ironmonger, they should be able to advise.