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28 Jan 2003
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Can anyone recommend a good supplier of Oak timber to make 2 pair of legs for an existing table in the Yorkshire area ?
I am wanting to create 4 legs about 4" X 4" and around 650mm tall and also does anyone have a guide to what I can expect to have to pay ? Thanks in advance.
I'm not joking but investigate garden centres for 4x4 oak posts, They comeout a lot cheaper than purchasing small amounts from a timber mill.
Naturally you will have to carefully examine the posts before purchase.
I'll second that post of British Hard Woods! I now purchase all my timber from them and latley thats been a hell of a lot!! They have been nothing but helpful and pleasent to deall with. You'll definatly be able to get some 4x4 legs there, as for the price I don't have my last bill to hand but I think they where about £17 each ex VAT of course.

They also do a lot of pre-sawn oak too, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than the rough sawn. The last lot I got was 1x5x96 and these where only about £6 each ex VAT.

I can't recommend these guys enough. I think it was Alf who put me onto them :D


Just to update---I managed to get across to British Hardwoods this afternoon and got the legs I needed at £17.50 each plus VAT. Excellent advice so thanks again.

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