Oak Faced MDF/Plywood Suppliers in North Wales/North West


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4 Sep 2021
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North Wales
Hi All

First post here so please be gentle! Ive done a search but couldnt find much of a result.

Im planning to build an understairs storage space of drawers and Id like to match it to our doors. With the cost of solid oak Id prefer to pick up some MDF or plywood faced sheets locally that I can transport home. Ive looked online but the postage ends up being £80 plus and I only need a couple of sheets to complete the job.

Does anyone know of any suppliers in the North East Wales/ North West area that I could pick up from (and probably saw in half in the car park to fit in my estate)?

Thanks Stu
is there a selco near to you showing oak faced mdf bit spiteful on the price nearly 110 pounds plus vat how far do you want to travel ?

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