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5 Oct 2014
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Sunny Glasgow
The real 24k stuff, not the pretend variety

I've an antique queen Anne occasional table, its probably reproduction from about the 1920, with some carving around the top and on the shoulders of the legs.

I've been meaning to guild the carved sections but taken my time getting round to this :lol: So if I can get some proper gold leaf, i should have gold seize somewhere(or can buy it) and having the parts about can make a start on it.

So im looking for a gold leaf supplier, but for the genuine leaf, not the fake stuff. And I'd expect to be paying about £30 or thereabouts for 25 sheets.
I've got some somewhere but cannot remember if it was the real thing i got or the fake stuff as I've had it near 30 years, so cant tell the difference and would be better just getting something i know is 100%
I bought all my gilding supplies at Cornelissen - they do mail-order and I appreciate a bit of a trek from Scotland however the shop is well worth seeing if you are visiting London, it retains its original Victorian interior and is a absolute treasure trove of artists materials