Coronet Major MkII Belt Sander Attachment

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15 May 2019
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Hi - If anyone out there has ever fully dismantled one of these attachments I would be interested to hear from you. This is the older red-painted type of Coronet (pre-'76?). I have several questions which I hope may be answered. Many thanks in anticipation.
Me too. If this is the one that was also sold as a "Whippitoff" (Oi! No smutty remarks!), I would be gratified to.learn more...
Er - don't think I've seen it called that. I'm meeting up with Derek Pyatt (the"Coronet Guru") later today (Sunday) so may have a few answers I hope. Is there anything you're specifically stuck on?
Err....yerr, I reckon you are right, UpstartThread97; my moustashe.

Coincidentally, I was researching a "Coronet lathe" only to discover there were three dynasties of them. As you may know, there are older ones, purpley-red, tubular bed, that I think have the narrower sander you may be asking about?

This pikky nicked from, all rights to that site.
Then, there seems to be a slightly more recent reincarnation, some painted blueish, that have a wider sander?

Ditto from
These were marketed separately as "Whipittoff" and look totally different to the ones I suspect you are asking about.
Then, thirdly, Record stepped in and used the name for some of their - structurally quite different - CL range. No sander for them so far as I know.

Anoracks? Please feel free to correct my superficial research, I haven't time to trawl cyberspace presently.

UpstartThread97, if you don't mind, and if you have the time when you meet your guru, could you please ask him what rpm the Whipittoff should be run at? And, does he have a source of belts for them? I've been making my own with variable results :oops: and would like to improve things.

Thank you, Sam


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Sorry for not getting back to you Sam. I have mixed results for you following my meeting; if you want to give me your email address, I will drop you a line with some contact details and other results. Chris (Bond) aka UpstartThread97.

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