Compressors & Accessories @ Aldi 28/2

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27 Sep 2005
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Milton Keynes
Aldi have their compressors on offer again. But this time they seem to have a different selection of accessories with it, and available as extras.
Also, I notice they don't have curly whirly air hoses this time.

Compressor: £69.99
2.5HP, 1.87kW 230V motor
Operates from a 13amp plug
Air displacement: 27 litres/minute
Maximum working pressure: 8 bar (120psi)
24 litre capacity air receiver
Fully automatic STOP/START control
2 air outlets
2 pressure gauges
Fitted safety and non-return valve and drain valve
Accessory kit includes: gravity feed spray gun, professional spray gun, long nozzle sprayer/paraffin gun, blow gun, long nozzle extension for blow gun, jet blast wash gun, tyre inflator, 7 piece inflator/deflator set for footballs, li-los, inflatable boats, etc
Airbrush kit includes: airbrush, 60cc and 22cc paint jars, 1.5 metre air hose with air compressor fitting
10 metre and 5 metre air hoses
Quick release couplings

Pneumatic Nailing/Staple Gun £12.99
3/8" Reversible Air Drill and Kit £9.99
½" Reversible Air Ratchet and Kit £14.99
Air Impact Wrench and Kit £14.99
Air Filter/Regulator and Lubricator £19.99
Air Line/Compressor Oil £3.49
Air Speed Saw £22.99
15m Air Hose Reel £39.99
Die Grinder and Kit £12.99
Spot Blaster Kit £9.99

From Thursday

Looks a good price but 27 litres / minute?! Must be 270 litres / minute piston air displacement - note that's not free air displacement which will be much lower - probably around 175 l/m (65% efficiency) or 6 CFM.
Not really enough for spraying etc but fine for nail guns.
is there a cheapish one that would be ok for some spraying and nail gun.
thats main thing i want it for but i wont want one thats massive

see the sealey one on ebay 3hp and 50L £109 or something with spray gun
what i think to big for me diy/hobbyist
I have a similar/identical compressor, 24 litre tank that delivers about 6 cu ft/min. It works fine for nailing and I can do a little spraying, although it runs about 50% of the time when painting (never actually runs out of air though). If all you want is something for occasional use then it is probably quite a good buy. I got mine at the local Makro Cash and Carry for £59.99 + vat and it came with a set of tools (spray gun, tyre inflator, duster gun, parts washer gun and a really bad coild hose) probably worth about £20. As luck would have it they had 50 L ones on offer for £20 more about 2 months later, wish I'd known as the bigger tank would be useful.
My present compressor I bought from Aldi in September 2003. About 6 months ago, I had some bother with the regulating valve, which I managed to repair. Yesterday, I went to use the compressor, fired it up,but noticed air leaking from the auto pressure switch. When I had a close look, I noticed a small crack in the pressure switch casing. Today I have tried to obtain some spares without any luck at all. I had thought of going to my local Aldi for another compressor, but after the bother trying to get spares for the old one, I decided against this. So I have ordered a Airmaster Tiger 8/44 form Machine Mart. They seem to have a much better supply of spares than the Aldi ones have. With my old Aldi comp, I only had a 2 year warranty with it. Now I notice that the warranty in 3 years. Yes, it is a good warrenty but it is difficult to obtain spares for the Aldi compressors. I do have quite a lot of tools/power tools from Aldi, and have not had any trouble with them. I personally would give the aldi one a miss.
sorry for the silly question i did try to look it up nothing really answered the simple question

this comes with 2 types spray guns

gravity feed
and the pro spray can with the can at the bottom of the gun rather on top
what are they both for as in how are they different what they used for