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I would like to add thanks to the organisers of the competition, the judges and all of the people who took part. I would especially like to thank all the people who voted for me, yes both of you! :cry:

Even though I did not do as well as I had hoped, my Mom still had a very nice birthday present which she thoroughly enjoys, and that was my aim. The fact is that all of the entries were of a very high standard and have resulted in some great projects and items of furniture that will be appreciated for many years.

My congratulations to all of the winners, and also to all of the participants. Well done everybody. =D>

I would like to say, Chris, in my own defence, that there were many more pictures posted of the construction in my first post including all the details of the joinery of the frame. I don't imagine for one moment that this would have made any difference to the outcome, but they were posted.

Bob (just wondering what to do with this wooden spoon)
Congrats to all the winners! Some good work was shown! I agree with Tim that I would like to have seen some more entries, especially in the Pro section..... but I suppose we might see more next time!

Thanks also to the judges for taking the time and for the comments. Again appologies for not finishing. Here is the linked to the finished piece for those interested. Better late than never ;).



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