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COMP063 Competition WIP Report - Cabinet


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8 Mar 2004
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Things have been rather slow this week, but I've made a little head way on the cabinet.
Came time to take the plunge and clue up the carcase, I haven't secured the top yet, this will come later when I figure out how to do it.

Next stage is the doors, I was going to do raised panels but I'm getting a bit low on Cherry so I've decided to go for cherry veneered 6mm MDF the same as the back panel. The doors are resting nicely in the clamps and to my surprize all is square.

For securing the doors I have used pivot hinges, I've never used these before so it presented a challenge on getting it right the first time, routing into the doors and frame can be unforgiving if you get it wrong. I was quite pleased with the results although it took me all yesterday mornng to mount the doors.

I have mounted locks on the doors, still have to get some escutcheons for the door front, I think a trip to Issac Lord iscalled for on the way back to work.
Only got the drawers left to do, these will be done when I come back from work.

The storage part of the competition is covered with this entry, but I'm not to sure about the curve, there is a slight curve on the front of the top, also the front bottom facia has a curve routed into it.

So judges, please let me know if it fully meets the requirements to be entered into the competition.


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24 Jul 2003
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14860, France
It looks like a curve to me and it is certainly more of a curve than I have at present.

Nice job