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10 Mar 2007
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West Muddylands
I've just seen an interesting thread from 2018 on the Record Stay Set arrangement.
I would have liked to comment but probably would have been 'ribbed' over the date of the original post! Oh well; never mind. It might come up again! :mrgreen:

John (hammer)
If you have valid and what you think is useful information for other members why not start another thread with the information and include a link to the (old) thread on the same subject that caught your attention.
Thanks Chas.

It was just an observation, I could have made re the Stay-Set cap-iron, but I think it was covered anyhow.

Commenting on a post from 2018 a hardly a "necro" - and I don't understand why people are so averse to it anyway.
I'll just have to give up perusing older threads, just because I have read most of the current ones! :lol:

John (hammer)
If you comment on it, it becomes current again. Given that this site is a huge resource, any relevant information added to a thread should be a good thing. If you are embarrassed, by all means mention that at least you know it's an oldie but goodie.

Besdes. - things change, and new information becomes available, and opinions evolve. Not with brexit, obviously, but with everything else...
Things do change I agree. I used an Eclipse to sharpen completely in my early days, but now I use a Tormek to get a fairly accurate primary bevel. The rest I do freehand.

Incidentally, The Rant leaves me bemused I fear.. I sometimes glance at it, but nothing there for me!

John (homer)