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CNC Morticing


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4 Sep 2011
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I prurchased this after the Balestrini Tenoner, we had a jam in production and Morticing was the culprit. Like all production you chase problems from one task to another until your full circle and you need bigger faster machinery. There was another option and that was to replace our two CNC Router, both are matrix tables 4 axis machines one is split feed option. Good in their way but not vesatile enough. You can 5 axis or 4 axis with additinal head for morticing to overcome the problem. But good as CNC Router are you end up over loading it and you are back to stage one not producing enough or not getting varied jobs done as it is taking longer on morticing. Plus the Centauro was less than £30k and the CNC Router option is well above £125k without tooling and additional clamps and pods.

Anyway I saw this a year or two back at Ingilston and raided the companies piggy bank. The opion I went for was Router and Osilating chisel, though you can get Square morticer and oscilating chisel but not Router and Square Chisel. The machine used the same Stromab Optimiser system for setup which we already had. It is easy to operate through touch screen and setup was after a few issues at start, concerning tool recognision. It operates by moving the head to the timber which is fixed against a auto stop manually and top/side pressure clamps. You can set up for multiple mortices and mortice and haunch by means of auto select operation mode drawing out on the touch screen setting up position/depth double or triple mortice or using one cutter to do thincker mortice, more passes more time. The Router is far quicker than the ocilating head and is accurate in operation. It is still noisy and vibrates on heavy mortices depending on knots timmber etc. I did have to protect the leg support on table as our workers seem to never have passed the pallet truck operation test and constantly run into or bump legs machines.

It does not show it but the oscilating chisel tool has an air feed to clean debri from mortice. The timber is moved to position after placing against table stop so to get zero by a grabber shown in vid near end.