CNC MFT... is there a top and bottom face?

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30 Jun 2020
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I purchased a CNC cut replacement MFT top and spent a good few hours trying to get a square cut.

Doing 5 cuts around a board that was approx 500 x 500mm left me with approx 2mm of error on my final slither cut.

I checked the blade was true to the guide, that the rails werent bent etc but everything checked out ok.

After some time I then fipped the top over, the dogs (that came with the top) seemed slightly more snug and i got some good results.

Anyone know of this is normal for a CNC cut MFT? Is there effectively a "right way up"?
If you're getting or if square results, I'd try a fresh blade. Even a slightly dull blade seems to deflect away from the rail and compromise squareness.
Worth a go i guess but doesnt explain why i get a better accuracy with the top up one way compared to the other?

Im wondering if the holes have a slight taper