Clear finish for exterior Larch benches

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19 Nov 2022
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I am building a couple of benches in larch and am looking for a good durable finish.
Uv protection and water resistance also important. I hope to delay the greying for a few years at least. Garden is semi-shaded.

I want to keep the grain and variation of colour of larch so i want a clear matt finish (if possible).

I have tested a rubio oil 2c (pure) and a linseed oil (from other projects) and prefer the look of the linseed oil but this isnt meant for exterior use exactly.

I wondered if anyone has some experience with some other brands/products?

Osmo is another popular choice for example, or sikkens, epithane etc..


P.s. photo of larch boards attached.


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Varnish is frustrating to repair as it often flakes but tung oil is interesting perhaps. dont know much about it for outdoors. Thanks
proper sikkens is a 2 step process involving lo build and hi build finishes. sadolin is the same really. I think your being a bit to subtle or basically after 2 years outside its all dull! no idea how your bench is built but my finishes last by far the longest if the component parts are painted before assembly then given another coat after assembly. (for me 2 before and one after)
sikkens may survive 4 or 5 years sadolin one year less. and its far from clear or matt.
2 part PU Acrylic ( Heavy Goods - Truck Grade ) industrial "clear coat" , Sikkens do these too..Spendy though..and best applied with a spray gun, unless you can brush varnish really really really* fast.

*insert about a dozen or so more "really"s there.

It 'll last about as long as a metallic paint job on a Mercedes truck.
Clear coat and other paint finishes on Mercs ( car, vans , trucks etc ) used to be by Herbert's.. Made in Wuppertal.