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29 Oct 2020
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Langhe, Piemonte
Is there an alternative to paying a small fortune for an abrasive cleaning stick as used on belt sanders and stationary disc sanders?
Looks good but....
My mum born Chesterfield but we both live in Italy now.
I think the Silverline was over 12 euro on
Find some Crepe soled shoes. Same stuff. My buddy wore Hush Puppies for years and all his old ones ended up beside the belt sander. Another soft rubber type might work. A new use for Crocs perhaps.

Artificial cork from wine bottles works well....but you may need quite a few of them depending on how many abrasives you need to clean! 😁
It shouldn't be a problem for you finding them in Italy though....👍
I just found 2 old unused tubes that have gone hard so will give it a go. Up to now I have just used old shoe soles or rubber mat offcuts. I have a feeling that just about any rubbery compound will do the job. The mat offcuts were black and still cleaned the belts or discs.
Never considered artificial wine "corks", had one in the box of bits by the sander and just tried it, works a treat. No doubt the other suggestions are as good, but I drink wine more often than I clean abrasive discs so no need to expend any more thought.
To answer several of the replies above:
• A wire brush will clean the abrasive but will also help wear it away whereas silicone just cleans out the crud.
• A rolled up plastic bag also works but doesn't last like silicone & is harder to control.
My hesitation using hardened silicone caulk is that silicone in lubricants and spray wax polish that gets on wood may cause fish eyes or other finishing problems. So I don't use them in my shop at all. They can even migrate from one machine surface to another and cause issues. I wonder if impeded silicone rubber bits in wood can cause finishing issues later? Until I know for sure I won't use cured silicone to clean sanders and I have a number of old silicone casting molds that could potentially do the job too. Any finishing experts know for sure one way or another?


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