Clarke Shhh 2/9 air compressor won't start!

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26 Apr 2009
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West Yorkshire
It's been stored unused since its last service and now all that happens on start up is air is escaping from underneath the switch box!
Also there is some oil leakage around the flange nut in the same area.
Any help would be appreciated!

Accuracy is everything when you ask for advice. you said it doesnt start. Then you say when its running air is escaping and oil is leaking.
If you make your mind up what problem you want help with, then we can. :lol:
Thanks for your reply Sunnybob...I should have said the motor does not start at all,
the only activity is from under the switch box, ie. air hissing out from that area along with a slight
oily leakage...just enough to wet the tip of my finger...
Could the oilyness be seeping from a capacitor in the switch box? If it won't run I'm surprised by the air hissing, could it be something else you're hearing?
So you have at least 2 and possibly three faults.

There is a quick and dirty way of checking the capacitor on small air compressor motors, if you have no test gear and no way of getting it easily.

With the machine unplugged, remove the end guard off the motor, and if possible remove the fan. If the fan comes off, you then plug the thing back in and turn it on. Then give the shaft a quick flick, with the intention of pulling your hand away as you twist. If the motor starts, its the capacitor.

This is not as dangerous as it sounds, because the round shaft is smooth and there are no edges to catch your fingers. I've done this, and it works. 8)
If the fan wont come off, then you need other testing means because that IS risky to turn by hand. :shock:

Then you just need to look for the air leak.
Capacitor went on mine back last year.Pick one up off the bay for £6-10 if that is the issue
You say you can hear hissing.
Is there pressure in the tank (no motor to produce it) at this point or is this hissing a failing electronic component ?

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