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29 Apr 2003
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Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
Not sure if anyone is in the market for the SIP 10" CI table saw, but I have just found it at £425 including VAT and carriage at

I thought this was too good to be true at first, but a trawl of the web reveals prices from under £500 from a number of places so maybe its just a good offer rather than a hoax. As always buyer beware, but thought I would pass it on anyway....

I bought my bandsaw from them and they couldn't have been more helpful. They held onto it (for ages) for me while I got a roof on my workshop and delivered it on the day I asked.

I also bought a bandsaw from them, really good service and they follow up with their catalogue, thank you letter etc. Good guy's as well. I can't recommend them enough, however the SIP Bandsaw (10") on the other-hand was just awful and has since been sold, if it that is indicitive of SIPS quality in their woodworking tools, I would definilty try before you buy.

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