Chop Saw Stand?

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18 Jun 2019
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Hello all.

I am a 2nd year University student studying Industrial design.
For one of my projects, I am looking at developing a Stand for Chop Saws.
As I have seen that there is a lot of Chop Saws and Abrasive Chop Saw, however, I can not see any stands like there is for Mitre Saws.
So I wanted to see if it is a product people might be interested in using.

Any feedback would be great for my project.

Thank you
Chop saw typically used by welders and metal workers, or site workers citation off studs etc (though mostly they will use a portable angle grinder). CS just does 90 degree cuts. Generally will be mounted on a workbench and not regarded as portable in most cases.

Most woodworkers will but a mitre saw or compound mitre saw, and there are many stands for these.

I doubt your idea has legs commercially.