Choice of workshop vac?

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You need to sign back on, if you have really singed out this time, or was that the time before. :lol:
To actually state you are signing out generally signifies you will not participate in that thread anymore, I just stay singed in the whole time. :twisted:
The self cleaning seems to be that the dust on the filter is just knocked off into the bag/canister or whatever ready to be sucked up onto the filter again, so it just a temporary solution to an inevitable perpetual problem, although I do admit that the handle on my pleated paper filter to my chip extractor seems to make no difference at all to the amount of suction, but does make pretty whirly patterns in the extracted chips off the PT due to the dust being mixed with heavier particles I assume.
i got a record power DX 1000 which is fine for suction but as noisy as hell, so am thinking of replacing it as driving me mad, im looking at the Cam Vac 286-3, and have found a link in this site where they connect a exhaust pipe to a sound box and quietens it down no end , i only use mine for sanding on a lathe, and watched a demo wher he was using a cam vac with sanding hood and it was quite impressive