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25 May 2007
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West Cumbria
I ask of this "fount of all knowledge" about a HD CCTV camera fault. I attach a picture showing the problem.
The picture has a agitated small horizontal band at the bottom which I cannot with my limited knowledge get rid of.
It is obvious but 2nd line down 2nd in (middle)
I have tried a variety of camera types i.e. Auto CVI. TVI, AHD & XV1 the camera instructions tell me it should be AHD.
I have quietly sworn at the screen, had a coffee and swore again all to no avail.
I cannot see any similar faults on a google search.
It could of course simply be a faulty piece of electronics that I have just been given.
2 x same cameras given to me yesterday 1 x works great with colour and good picture
Can anyone assist/advise me please.

Best Regards
Richard (AKA quintain)


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Can you swap cameras between channels to see if the fault moves or remains, that will tell you if the camera is ok but also don't overlook a faulty cable or connector.
Spectric..thank you.
I should have said..
I have double checked the cables, I have put other cameras onto the same cables. the cables check out as good.
I have put the "faulty" camera onto multi cables where no fault exists but the fault shows when this new/problem camera is connected.
I simply don't want to throw the camera into a bin if the fault is identifiable and easy to fix. But electronics are an unhappy beast whereas a length of 3" x 2" can be readily understood and used.
Thanks again for your input
It is somewhat unclear from your problem description, however you appear to be saying the fault moves to whichever channel of your multiple channel recording box that particular camera is plugged into?

If so then the camera is obviously at fault.

These types of camera, irrespective of what you may have paid for them, contain mass-produced, cheap-as-chips components which can be bought pre-assembled from many of the Chinese online outlets for under £20 including Int. shipping and as such are a throwaway "commodity" item.

The reason I know this is because a project I contribute to utilises a specific type of this type of camera and the weatherproof housings containing the camera modules typically cost more than double the price of the modules themselves, and we utilise IP cameras which are more expensive than the raw video cameras that (I deduce from your description -AHD is Analog High Definition) you are using since they contain an embedded CPU running Linux and use H.264/5 compression hardware to reduce by over 3 orders of magnitude the required IP bandwidth.

So in summary if the fault is specific to one camera then you might as well throw it away since the cost of a repair -even if possible, would likely far exceed the price of a replacement.