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24 Jul 2003
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14860, France
Well this is my effort on the Xmas presie front. I had originally got orders to make 6 of these but it was obvious after the first one that I would run out of time. Each one took about an hour to cut out and they have been finished with 4 coats of Finishing Oil.
The top one is beech the other two both walnut - American.
Made with a single speed Hegner Multicut-1.

It is possibly my technique but I found the walnut much easier to cut, far less burning on the tight turns and easier to keep a vertical cut.

They are about 5" diameter and 1" thick

Candles from Ikea and are scented - sorry Alf.

Photo does not do the finish justice but the missus is pleased & she has promised to iron the sheet before I take any more photos :wink:


Very nice work Andy. I really do like them and may even plagierise next year :)
Be my guest. The design was cobbled together from MS WordArt then reduced on a photocopier to get the right size. If I do this sort of thing again I will cut the circle more accurately - (these were done freehand following the stuck on design)- using a circle cutting jig of some sort.

waterhead37":qozarhgl said:
I bet all that blade undoing/doing-up got boring!

Chris you are right. I think there are over 20 internal cuts & threading the blade thorugh small holes makes twanging the blade and listening for the right note very difficult. By the end I was just tightening the blade as much I could, ie until my thumb hurt.

Next year I will just do a simple square or oblong as posted by someone here a few weeks back.

Très Bon, Andy.
Luckily for me they haven't invented Aromanet yet.
Walnut's a lot easier to work than beech; the latter's bloomin' hard stuff and really gives the scrollsaw a workout. DAMHIKT.

Cheers, Alf

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