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14 Jan 2014
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Me Garage in B'ham
I need a Tension Rod Assembly for my Hegner and was wondering if anyone had a spare they are willing to sell.

Sry to admins for the double post :wink:
I can't remember now how much Hegner wanted for a new tension rod, I think it was something like £42, which is ridiculous. I think you will find the one from Axminster for the AWFS 18 will fit for a fraction of the Hegner cost if no one has one. When mine gave up I had an engineering friend make me a more substantial one.
Followed this up today, Axminster Tension Rod £4.00 plus P&P - Currently out of stock,. so I have ordered two.,

Hegner tension Rod £42.00 :evil:

I am soooooo tempted to buy one from Hegner also and then get them both stress tested.

Cheers again Geoff - top man
Toesy, the gent doing the name plaques at Whitby uses a piece of 6mm threaded bar and a couple of washers and nuts, all from B&Q. And he doesn't have a front tensioner. Mind you, he only neeeds to change blades when they are worn or break and doesn't do any piercing work.