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I really need to get my dust collection under control. Currently I'm using a shop vac type vacuum cleaner with power take-off to collect dust from my table saw, router table, chop saw & ROS. I have the tools plugged into the vac via a 4 way extension lead and I move the vac nozzle around and 'plug it in' to each machine as necessary. It would be a good system if the vac had more suck!

I'm thinking of buying a Camvac and knowing that some of you have them, I was wondering what you thought of them versus the similar Record products? In particular do I need to buy the twin motor version or is the single motor plenty good enough?

I plan to invest in a fixed vacuum line with blast gates and stuff in the near future. The neatest way would be a 'horseshoe' arrangement with about 13 meters of main pipe run and branches of of it. Should I use the 65mm diameter pipe or the 100mm soil pipe? My workshop is small, about single garage size, the small stuff is cheaper and I am a weekend hobbyist.



Newbie Neal has a Camvac I think.
I have the Record DX 5000 which I'm very happy with and it pulls through about 40 odd feet of 100mm steel duct and storm pipe. Works really well and is wall mounted so well out of the way.
Let me know if you have anything specific to ask.


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