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For Sale Camvac Triple motor 90l dust extractor CVG-386-6


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23 Aug 2011
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sevenoaks, kent
This is the Triple motor 3kw Camvac, which is on a wheeled base. It has been used in a hobby workshop, so has only seen sporadic use (I have a ducted system for the static machines, so this has only been used with mitre saw and for hand power tools). It has a 100m duct but has a reducer fitted so you can plug in a smaller hose. The filter bags on each motor are either new or I have new ones which will be included.

Collection from Petts Wood, Kent. £375 ono.

Product description

A dust extractor with large 90 litre collection capacity, great for large workshops, this is capable of lifting more than just sawdust and chips. The CGV386 is available with either two motors or three, with 108 or 162 litres per second air flow respectively. Each motor draws 1,000 Watts, meaning that the triple motor version is the maximum power possible on a standard 13 Amp circuit.

The primary filtration method for the CGV386 is a cyclone. Incoming air goes in a spiral around the drum which causes heavier particles to fall out, that would otherwise quickly clog up the filters. The motors are each wrapped in a cloth filter that protects the motor from damage, and a paper filter that removes particles as small as 0.5 microns.

  • Runs from standard 230v mains.
  • Available with two or three motors.
  • Each motor has a 1KW input power.
  • Large 90 litre collection capacity.
  • Triple filtration system.
  • Perfect for large workshops.


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