Calling all Sharpeners - Panic not!!

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Jacob":1719dn5j said:
Second point - it's entirely up to you, you make your own mind up in the end.

This is something I totally agree with. I like banter Jacob but I remember one of my first posts on the forum talking about scary sharp and being told that I was effectively time wasting and might as well be mucking around with the rouge to be a bit off putting.

I'm glad I stuck around, I learned a lot, but I imagine some might not have as thick a skin, which is a shame really.
Dodge":5z6ss5vw said:
The date is to be confirmed and at this stage I would only like replies from those prepared to demonstrate their personal technique so that we know we can make this work, you would be asked to bring your own stones/grinders etc with you - If enough people are prepared to participate then we can confirm dates and open it up.

I await your offers!


Couldn't manage digging out my doorstep and lugging it to North Oxfordshire on the bus, so that rules me out! :mrgreen:
FWIW I will be interested in seeing a free hand sharpening demo as for site use it is really the only way. I lug enough stuff around as it is so having a method I can use to touch up a chisel on site quickly and easily would be great.
Sorry only just seen this.... I live about 15 miles from Matthew so would be delighted to come along - and having owned at various times a Tormek, water stones, scary sharp I would be delighted to bring along my current set up which is 4 DMT diamond stones, a piece of MDF and metal polish
Have we set a date yet?
Regards Mark
Depends as to when it is, but I'm keen to come along. Can't really offer much help in the way of demos, but I'm quite sure all my tools are pretty blunt, so would be happy to have some of my chisels properly sharp for once. Assuming I could make it.
I would agree with others here that in order to make any commitment to attending, either as observer or demonstrator we really need at least a provisional date/s. Any clues at all?
Iwill be posting full details later this evening!! - Just to keep you champing at the bit a little longer :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I'd love to attend, but unfortunately it's a bit far from deepest, darkest West Wales.

It would be great if somebody would video the different approaches and post them on Youtube.

Here's my approach, which I filmed with a standard compact digital camera and edited using the standard windows video editor thingy. It's not brilliant by any means, but manages to get the message across.

The only changes I've done is to mount the diamond stone and strop on a bit of ply which clamps in the vice, and I've gone back to using the Veritas green compound as it polishes to the same standard of finish, just quicker than the diamond paste.