Building my own workshop

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Started with the inside wall and insulation.


Made the beam to go in the back for the attic.


Measered out the holes for the attic beam, could have done this in for hand but I wanted to match the inside wall brick work.


Hanging it in with the sketchy hoist, don't look at the hook😅 When the beam was up there I looked at it and thought hmm, better be carefull.


Finished the attic beams in, yeah there are a allot of them, but I asked around and got all diffrent answers to how many I should put up there. So I made it my own way, the overkill way. Want to put my spare engine and trans up there and alot of other stuff.

Next week pictures of the start of a very overkill set of doors.:cool:
Brick work is coming out pretty good. Some moist places due to the rain.

Made a template of the beam so I could copy it to the outside:

And started the far side inner wall. Allot of cutting and trimming.

I'm making the big doors in front by my self, they are 2.90 meters tall and 1.45 meters in with a piece. So a nice big opening to easily drive inside with big cars of a trailer. For these doors I need a heavy duty frame work, also I wanted to make a angle iron above the doors to hold the structure on top of it.

A mate of mine has a big brake and he made me these U shape posts, I'm planning on welding feet on them and the door hinge parts and after all the metal work I get the plated.

Welded on the hinges:

Made the top piece:

Made the triangle pieces in the beams to hang my crane beam to.

Got a few mates to come drink beers AFTER they helped me to man handle the crane beam in place. Beer was good :cool:

Little jump here, the door steel work has been placed and started the final side of inner brick work. Really like how it's coming together, I had this in my mind since the beginning but wanted to make it when I could make the final measerments.

Last one for today, this one with a nice sun:

Stay tuned more is coming!:cool:
Front mason work done, that completes all the mason work. Big mile stone for me, now its up to me to finish it.


Ordered a load of fill dirt to fill it to the correct level. Done this so it can sit for a while and really harden up so its a solid foundation for the floor.

Ordered roof panels and start laying them.

All panels fitted, starting to look like it :cool:

And with help of friends we put all the roof tiles on it.

Next is the floor, the part I am most happy about!
Were talking floor!
I had planned to make a infloor lift for small use, working on bikes engines or just to make it a table to drink beer. I bougth the lift and it has a 1000kg capacity. Measures 85cm-1700cm, I reset the switch wich limits the hight so it will now go 115cm out of the floor. Made the hole layed some insulation in it and some rebar and poured concrete in it.


before I made the foundation of the garage I placed some pvc pipes under it to make an entrance for the electrical and water and so on. Next time I have to make the entrance higher and not under the foundation. But this is a lesson for me, something for a next time.


Made the angle iron pieces for the 2 holes to prevent the corners from braking off or damaging.


Started laying insulation, like this job :)


First layer of rebar:

Installed the front angle iron for the doors to close to and a plate were my lock will hook in to. Alse set the infloor heat and the second layer of rebar.

Now the cherry on the cake comes, after all the work to prep the floor the point of pouring comes. I chose for a coloring powder in it, this makes the concrete a little darker then plane concrete. I really wanted a nice floor and I hope this will help that, this is 1% powder, I looked at a place wich had 2% but that was a bit to dark for me. You can see in the concrete thats coming out of the truck some dark/black lines/streaks from the powder.


The long work of sanding/finishing the concrete starts, he started around noon and did the final finish pass at 08:30 in the evening. Really but really happy with how it turned out. He did an amazing job and you can see in the finished picture the reflexion that there is almost no flaw in it.


After alot of finish work and spraying on the curing compound (wich makes the incredible shine) the floor is finished:

Enjoy the weekend!

EDIT: the floor will dry up alot lighter than it is on the last picture
Just to let you know, I hate you, I shall never look at another of your posts ;) they make me cry with envy! Looking fantastic, will be an amazing place to work/hang out.

Ahh hate to hear you wont look at my future posts :LOL: :ROFLMAO: The stuff that's coming is pretty nice also, somethings really busted my b*lls but in the end they worked SO good. Thx for the post!
Small update this weekend. Made my final measerments on the door frames and finelised the design , now I have the floor in I can make measerments on the mm instead of a well educated guess.

They are 83mm thick steel frame doors. 80mm Insulation in them. Windows for natural light in the top, and a brain cracker lock system that I have in mind. I really tried to think these doors true to make it once and don't adjust them from the original design.


Got my welding table inside, the floor man said it would be best to not let items stand on the floor for longer times. There was a possibility that it would be visible so I tested the crane :cool:


Some color samples :sneaky:


Installed the door and windows after I mounted the stone thingies (don't know the english word, in dutch we say Vensterbank).

Next time, the color scheme.
So impressed with this -great work. You AREN'T gonna get any sawdust or scarf on that floor are you ?

After the floor was dry I really was carefull, but fast after that I just treat it like a shop floor. Offcourse I dont smack it wreckless, but I have to remind myself I made it to work in/on it. It really cleans very easy, one swipe with the broom and its clean.
After a couple of evenings work with my mom, the ende result really came in nice. I saw this same color pattern in some one elses shop on youtube and really liked it, thought it looks real clean. Also the walls are a bit easier to keep clean when they are grey, its washable paint so if they get real nasty I should be able to give them a good scrub. Before I applied the grey I painted a sealer to keep the walls from sucking up all the paint and moist.

Its kind of dark so the colors very a bit in real life.


Since I didn't have a big welding table to my acces I asked if a metal worker wanted to make my door frames to my drawings. 50x80x3mm box.

Measered out were my hinges would be and started drilling the half circles for my threaded weldons. (this proces took my 3 drill bits 🤕, after the 2nd one I completly lost it. Things cost 40€ a piece. When the last hole was completed I did a small jump of joy 😇) I needed these to sit on the corner of the box so my doors would open more that 90 degrees without hitting the frame. I came up with 105 degrees of opening.

Welded in the threaded bushings, One door hangs just a couple mm higher, I wish I tackled it at this stage but I thought I could ajust it out. In the end you can see the diffrence :confused:. Another lesson for the next time.

I wanted the doors to lock in all direction with just one movement. So I designed a system and made all components to lock the doors to the top bottom and both sides. Needed more movement in the handle so made a drive system with a small sprocket and a big one to get more turn out of it.
The hardest part was to make this thing INSIDE a door, I didn't want it to come out of the door, it all had to be inside it.

Took me a morning to design and fit it but it works amazing.


Rivitted the outher skin on, made from 1,5mm sheet metal. Outside will be a nice wood in the future, but with current prices I just wait on that one.

Next time more door work!