Broken Lathe - Help Please?

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16 Feb 2020
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Pevensey Bay
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I was lucky enough to buy Clarke 900mm reversible head wood lathe with variable 10-speed control on e-Bay from a joiner's workshop near me, (he was upgrading). It is a few years old but worked perfectly for the couple of years I have had.
I haven't used it for approximately 3 months, it is stored in my large shed/workshop which is watertight/dry but with no heating, so cold over the winter.
I turned it on the other day & it was running at the slow speed, when I went to change up the speed to a high spin speed the control arm that moves from 1 through to 10 had resistance and would not move up through the different stages, meaning I could not get it to go quicker. By trying to move the speed control arm I could also feel the outer casing getting warmer (not to the point of overheating, because I didn't take the risk & turned it off). I then tried again a few minutes later, but the same occurred.
I took the casing off the legs/body of the lathe & turned it upside down so I could check there was not a visible blockage or issue, I also sprayed it up with lubricant just to see if that would help. I could not see anything that looks out of place or broken belt etc.
I love this lathe, & can't afford to replace it, so as I say, any help really appreciated?
I am new to lathe working & love doing it, but if I can't fix this, it may be sometime before I get to buy another & enjoy it again.
I'm guessing this lathe is the same as mine. If so, it's one that was sold as Shepach, Axminster, and Jet and the lever is moving a pair of pulleys that widen and narrow to move the belt in and out.

If this is right, here are some videos, that describe how it works and how to clean it all out; which is probably the situation. This is what was wrong with mine when I first got it. It's not a difficult job. I needed to buy some circlip pliars to get the clips off, but it's good fun to do.
Just about to order new pulleys for the sealey version to get a lathe up and running. Purchased as a non runner.
As stated above, the pulleys need to slide along the shaft to adjust speed. As it’s alloy against steel shaft it’s easily corrodes or dries and sticks especially if idle for a while.
Also lathe must always be running for speed changes.
Whip cover off, good clean up and a dry lube spray should sort it (avoiding the belt as much as poss)
Hi Guys,
Just wanted to give a huge thank you, the videos on youtube really helped, I did try looking but I suppose it's a case of knowing what to look for.
I stripped it all today, cleaned it all etc. & I'm ecstatic to report it's all running brilliantly.
Seriously thank you, you've made my week!
:D :lol: