British Hardwoods Open Day - 9/4/2022

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Well I went along to this today. I was a little bit under whelmed. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting Harrogate standards, but I was expecting a bit more than what was on offer. Not a lot for the makers amongst us, but some limited retail. It would have been nice if e.g. classic handtools had been there again.

Came away with a nice piece of oak (for a family commission, for which i will never get paid LOL), and the last batch of cherry I need to finish my office furniture project (more on that later). Saved about £15 on the cherry, spent about £30 on fuel.

HOWEVER, there were 2 major plus points. 1. The staff at BH are always fantastic, and eager to help - shout out to Neil for helping me to sort through a pile of cherry to get 2.5 cu ft I was happy with. 2. It felt great to be back at a woodworking event after a gap of almost 2.5 years for me.