Boxing In New Consumer Unit

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19 Apr 2009
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I posted photos on an electricians forum asking if it would be OK for me to reposition the cable, not infringe any regulations, they said I would be fine. " Safe zones are up to and including 150 mm from the corner so the cable is ok "

I've got a Erbauer oscillating multi-tool, also several 68mm jaw corner clamps. I'm thinking of some type of box frame, with a detachable front held in position, with magnetic ball catches, or Keku clips?However when the loft hatch is down, there is only a 8mm gap between it and front of CU. I think there is a legal requirement to keep the flap on the front of the CU attached? If was removed, there would be much more space.
Which materials would be suitable for boxing in and can take a coat of paint, any ideas for a suitable box design? Thin rigid type of plastic, 4mm-6mm thick for the front perhaps?.

To do the boxing in I need to hide the cable behind the architrave, what would be the best way to remove this architrave , old chisel, prise offl? After removing the architrave I intend to use a Erbaur wood cutting tool to cut out a small section out of the timber behind the architrave, so I can hide the cable by pushing it into the space. The cable goes up the wall and into the CU. The two bottom cable clips on the architrave I'll remove I'm thinking there should be a bit of slack on the other end, if needed to push the cable into the space. There is a 3rd cable clip up on the wall before cable goes into CU, will leave that clip there, so securely holding the cable in position there.
Many thanks.


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