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For Sale Bosch cordless power tools


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21 Feb 2006
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Litherland, Merseyside
Good evening

I bought all of these tools in August/September last year to try and enthuse me back into wood working, unfortunately, it didn't work, consequently, I am selling them, they are all as new, I have the boxes for the table saw, mitre saw and pillar drill.
The mitre saw comes with an additional 60 tooth blade and has only been tested, is £400. The table saw comes with the stand and has only been tested, is £600. The Vacuum cleaner is £100. All of the tools are bare. The Planer is new £160. The jigsaw is new, £150. The circular saw is £160. All the tools are bare. I have two 8ah batteries and a professional battery charger , which supplies the mitre and table saws £270.
The mains pillar drill is new, £250. The workbench is £120 and timber support is £50.


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Sorry guys, I forgot, it's been ten years since I last sold anything on the forum. Here's a photo of the work bench.


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