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19 Sep 2011
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Nr. Swansea
The book is finally finished. My son has transferred it to his computer, which is several miles from mine. Vey clever these Japanese with their software. It is now toatally out of my hands and in his. He is editing it. I don't understand the computer language he uses but from what I can gather he will be launching it as an i-book first, so I presume it is just mac users who will get it first. Then he will launch it on Amazon as an e-book. After that it will be available as a kindle book and then he will have it published as a proper book. I have no idea how long each launch will take, maybe a matter of hours.

My lovely son completely tore it to pieces as I had forgotten to add sub titles to the chapters and two chapters I had to completely re-write as my son informed me that I would have been having libel suits coming through the letter box because I ha slagged off certain manufacturers. e also changed the ttle as he was not happy with the title I had chosen. It will now be called. 'Scroll saws. From the first cut to the first sale." So thankyou Nev. It encompasses everything that the book is about. I will obviously let you all know when launch date is but please be patient, my son is very busy with his own work and his third book and can only spare a short period of time at weekends.
Congratulations Geoff. =D>

Hope it sells well, to reward your hard work.

Take care.

Chris R.
Very good news Geoff, and I hope it sells very well to reward both you and your son's hard work - 35,000 words is a LOT of work.

Please put my name down (assuming you're keeping some sort of log) for a hard copy version please. I'll be happy to buy from Amazon, from your good self, or anywhere else you direct me to. All power to your elbow Sir.

I'm back!!!!!! PC went pete tong other week but up and working again. Well done geoff I'm up for a hard copy if available?and signed if possible mate
As the two others could you put me down for a hard copy, signed if possible.
I know it is so easy to publish a book under an ebook bit I just enjoy reading hard copies of books.
Thanks Tim