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FTAGH Bit of Box wood


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15 Oct 2009
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Butlers Cross, Buckinghamshire
Bit of Box wood (Buxus) if someone wants it. Pickup only from near Wendover, Bucks.
Cut down about 2 months ago and on my firewood pile.
Cup of tea for scale (not included :) )

If this doesn’t go please let me know, I live in Aston Clinton so very local.
Thank you, if you fancy popping down to Wendover Shed at any point you will be more than welcome, let me know and the kettle will be on :)
Lovely big piece - must be from an old tree as boxwood is so slow growing. Its super fine grain and hardness makes it excellent for turning and polishing - please don't burn it!
Thatis not going to be burned. It will wait untill I have enough skill to work it and in the mean time it can keep drying and hopefully it is not going to split.

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