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22 Feb 2019
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Making a bedside table for the daughter I can't get rid of :) - rough sketchup pic below
Carcass is 18mm Birch Ply and I was wondering how best to join the boards
Do people reckon mitred edges with dominos is going to be strong enough to support the top?


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I would be wary, as over time, the outside of the mitre will probably open up due to weight in the center of the top. If a drawer is going in then I wouldn't be too worried but if not then a a support block set back inside glued and screwed to the inner faces of the mitred corner one each side would probably do the job.

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That's not a bad idea thanks - if I inset the supports they wouldnt be too visible and keep the general look
or maybe just straight butt joints with dominoes
if you're painting it then butt joints with the domino would be better. just take the time to prepare the corners properly before painting

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