Big bang.


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8 Nov 2011
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Sunny South Wales
My bandsaw went bang on Sunday.

I was slowly slicing an 8 1/4" deep piece of Goncalo Alves on my Charnwood W730 when there was a rather disturbing bang and the saw suddenly stopped. The motor buzzed because the blade was jammed so I guessed, correctly, that the blade hadn't snapped.
On inspection, I found that the top wheel tyre had snapped and jammed the blade and I think I know why it happened.
When I pushed the blade guide up to the required depth it was just touching the back of the wheel so I pushed the top away from the wheel before tightening it in position. It was obviously able to pivot around that single tightening point and, because the saw has been running for months with the back edge of the tyre slightly overhanging the wheel, it would seem that it had made contact with the guide and didn't like it.
A modification is required.