Best Spray Gun for Metal Painting?

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25 Jul 2020
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Hi all,

First time post here. Apologies if this post is in the wrong location.

I’m looking to purchase ‘a’ spray gun for my 50L air compressor. It’ll be used for painting small metal projects build with mostly steel box section (25x25mm box) - first primed then top coat. I am aware spray painting is a complex art and there is large a range of spray guns to choose from- HVLP, LVLP etc.

Considering I’m not looking for wide fan coverage (as it’s only box section) and my metal projects are mostly small furniture pieces, do you have any advice for what type of spray gun would be most suitable? I’m looking to keep the budget on the lower end if possible. Are the cheap spray guns often included in the ‘3/5-piece starter bundles’ with hobby air compressors acceptable for this application? I should also add, I’m not looking for a car body panel finish, just a general metal paint finish.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
as a general usage gun to start off with the included gun will be fine. The secret to a good finish is more to do with the amount of prep you put in and how much you have practiced your technique

even the little HVLP kits from rutlands are decent enough if you know how to use them. Just make sure it will spray the type of media you want to use
Perfect thanks for the response! Out of interest as having never used these spray guns before can you narrow the ‘fan’ or change the shape of the spray to be more circular similar to a pressurised spray paint can, with these cheaper spray guns (to reduce overspray)?
Not at all a "budget" spraygun, but the Iwata LPH-80 is very small, places a modest demand on a compressor (14psi // 60 litres / min) and the 1.2mm tip is proving great for spraying machinery enamel.
The gun was designed for automotive "smart repairs", touching up bumpers, wing mirrors, etc. It goes from small spot to 5" fan pattern and would probably handle your projects very comfortably.
Quality is excellent.
You adjust the head for spray pattern. Vertical for a hoizontal pattern horizontal for a vertical and diagonal for round.
You adjust the needle for spray area/volume
Have a look at machine mart.
You need to know your comprssors spec. Size isnt the issue, its the amount of air it can flow. 8-10cfm for most conventional spray guns.
They do a touch up gun that will serve your purpose and is around 30 quid.
I prefer a gravity fed gun but thats down to the position of the weight in the gun. Each to their own.

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