Best paint for cast iron?

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Must admit I have not come across any water-based Hammerite before. I used Blue Hammerite Smooth on this old "cheapy" Chinese bench with cast iron sides a few years back. The Hammerite smooth range can be used directly onto prepared bare metal. BTW, all the timber had rotted out, so I upcycled some nice Mahogany (similar?) bed slats from a bed I got off Freecycle. I also had to find a piece of round stock to replace the 'stay bar' underneath.


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gloss paint with owatrol. owatrol on the cast first then primer with owatrol then top coat. as we know cast iron is really porous. I mean really porous. so make sure its baked in the sun to dry then owatrol. most use aluminium gutter that powder coated these days.