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Hi all, so I’m having a go at removing the pulley to see if there’s anything wrong with the bearings etc but I can’t seem to see how to remove the actual pulley wheel after removing the nut (which was a left hand thread) …will the pulley wheel also be threaded on or should this just lift off? There doesn’t seem to be any grub screws on the pulley wheel itself holding it on


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Yeah it’s a left hand thread but doesn’t seem to want to move - wasn’t sure if it was threaded on or not. The nut was left hand threaded
Nah, no keyway that I can see either. I messaged they guy I bought it from and he said he thinks he used a gear puller to remove, so might invest in one of those
Yeah it does - think I just need to prise it off, might get a gear pull and give it a go.
I’m less convinced that it is the bearing assembly under there now having taken a second video, but worth a look


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Update on this. Finally got round to dissembling the spindle and quill assembly and put the spindle in the lathe. To be honest it doesn’t look that bad to me? I’m starting to think something going on at the point where the splines go into the pulley…still struggling to get that off. Put a ticket into Axminster so hoping for a call from them soon to advise how best to remove that. Really baffled at this point though as the spindle seems okay…

Second video is the pulley bearing from below. I sort of think this might look slightly out of true, but again, hard to say.


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