Base-plate screws for Titan TTB591ROU Router?

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Seb Palmer

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27 Jan 2018
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Hello all, I took the plastic base-plate off my router - a Titan TTB591ROU, bought from ScrewFix - and seem to have mislaid the four screws the secure it to the base of the device. I can't find them, nor any others that fit. I've seen similar threads on here re other routers. Are such components a standard size/type? Any help much appreciated.

PS - I've spent aeons getting on to ScrewFix for help, so far no useful results; can't locate Titan themselves (the co. at the address given is 'dormant'), and unlike my recent Makita sander repair, where I was easily able to locate a full parts list/diagrams and get spares, I'm getting nowhere with this...
I am sure this has come up before but I can’t remember what thread it was, you should be able to search for a previous thread.

I seem to remember UNF.

Even if the threads are UNF (possible but with respect, unlikely I would have thought. Where is this router made?) it's surely dead easy to go to your nearest engineering/tools dealer (with the base plate or whichever part is threaded) and try some bolts until you get a fit? And buy a few that are too long, don't worry about the correct length. It's easy to shorten bolts (but VERY hard to lengthen them!!!!), if you're unsure ask on here.
Titan is a brand of the kingfisher group, screwfix, b&q etc. Makers will almost certainly be in the far east and minimal if not zero spares support. I would not expect the droids at screwfix to know much about threads.
Most stuff out of china will be metric or unified depending on the major market, rest of world Metric , North America unified; athough I've seen chinese stuff with whitworth threaded bolts and metric head and nuts.
Measuring the core diameter with a drill shank to nearest 0.1mm, taking that diameter and its imperial equivalent and sitting down with thread tables from google should start to narrow it down to a few threads to try. Also try removing the odd screw from other tools to try, once you have a male thread that fits, you can measure it with ease for diameter and pitch.
It's a Chinese, low cost item, so they are M4 most probably, or M5, and likely to be Phillips rather than Pozidriv head (although you can choose what you like - personally I'd go for
Torx or Allen headed).

The length is the only issue - sometimes they are a non-standard length. Easy enough to poke something in the hole so you can measure the depth. If they turn out to be M5, you mightr do it with the blade part of a vernier caliper. Subtract a small amount to allow for the thread not going the full depth. On most of my routers, some are blind holes and some through holes, so it might not matter.

I would be amazed if it turned out to be imperial thread.
Thanks for the feedback, folks. I'll follow some of these suggestions. Best, Seb
Most likely to be metric, my routers I think are M6. You won't get parts from Screwfix but they will be available on ebay, look for countersunk set screws, I've bought loads of them.

What I suggest though is contact Titan in the UK and they might send you a set possibly FOC if you write a sob story.

Also solent tools might be worth a cal though they don't list spares for your router it's likely others will fit. TITAN Spare Parts & Accessories


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Having had exactly this problem (I lost the base plate as well), and the fact that the M4 screws were happy for a good 5mm before getting uncomfortably tight, I decided to chase an M4 tap through the threads which was actually no great issue (almost as though the original tapping was a bit iffy). The M4 countersunk 12mm machine screws are now happily installed along with the baseplate I ended up 3d printing.