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3 Nov 2016
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Hello all,

There might be a better solution to this and more than happy to hear suggestions...

I have a stock of BAW and Maple at approx 300 x 200. Possibly 30-40 pieces. Would be perfect for my little boxes except most of it is 36-40mm thick. Anyone willing to put it through a bandsaw for me and get it all down to 9-10mm? I have a thicknesser but it currently resides as my former place of employment and there is zero chance they'll be opening soon, so may need it thicknessing too.

Any thoughts on this? Happy to box up and send and of course pay for someones time. Alternatively can drop off/collect if nearish to North London or South Herts.

Theres going to be a hell of a lot of wastage on that. Even the 40 mm thick will barely get you three x 10 mm planks. The 30 mm will only give you two.
You could be losing as much as 40%. By the time you pay shipping both ways and the persons time, they are going to be very expensive planks.

Far better to think of some furniture project that will need thicker pieces.