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27 Jul 2005
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Now that i have the machine, i now need the blades. I know the "dure edge", if thats what they are called are the members no.1.

The advise i'm after is what type, how wide and how many teeth.

Lets say i have a 2" piece of walnut, that i need to cut a tight to medium sizes curve out off (not for any competition :wink: )

Can anyone advise on the approx cost of these blades

Why not get a price list from Dure Edge? They have all the relevant information in there about tpi, blade type, etc. There are formulas for blade width against minimum radius of curve in various places (like here - basic but you'll get the idea) such as Lonnie Bird's "The Bandsaw Book", any idea what radius you need? I generally try to keep at least 2 to 3 teeth in a cut, so a 2in thick piece would be OK with a 2 to 3 tpi tooth - for fast if rough cutting I'd recommend a hook tooth rather than a skip tooth - they cut more aggressively - and for curves you should round-off the back of the blade using an oilstone. You are generally recommended to go to a bimetallic blade for hardwoods, but it depends on the frequency of use (bimetallics cost a lot more than carbon steel but stay sharp longer)

Thanks for the info mucka.

I don't think the radius is a problem, it may just be the blade i have at the moment. I;m aiming for around 200mm, so a 12mm blade should be ok.

Does Dure Edge have a website, as i can find any link, or is it just old fashion buzzbee

Blades ordered :lol:

1/2" - 4tpi

3/8 - 8tpi

See how i get on, then may order the 1/4"

EDIT:: Dure Edge did state that they are fairly busy at the moment. Is this due to members purchasing new blades for curved competition entries

:wink: :wink: :wink:

Quick update. The bandsaw blades arrived yesterday. After setting the machine and the blade up correctly i started the girl up. The sound had gone from rusty surfaces rubbing together to a nice purr.

Didn't bother with softwood so went straight to a lump of walnut a have, the blade cut this with ease. I then cut 1mm veneers from the same piece and i'm very happy with the results and thats from the courser cutting blade.

Thanks to DureEdge for easing the worry that it may not have been the blade and may be a bad purchased bandsaw. Anyone thinking about new blades, get on the phone to them, it'll make a difference.

Andy - who can now cut some curved rails :wink:

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