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Bachmayr Router


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20 Feb 2004
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In the eternally wet North
"What's that?" I hear you ask.

It was advertised on eBay, new, as a cheap 1/2" router. OK - I've got a DW625 that sits on my 'rat and there it stays. I can't be having with taking things on and off all the time and then resetting them. Even if it is just to hand rout a curved rebate on my garden gate. I've also discovered the comfort factor of having a nice 1/2" cutter rather than a puny 1/4" and so most of my purchases of cutters now are 1/2". OK - OK - I admit it - they make me feel 'professional' :oops:

I'd lost out to several bids on eBay for a second DW 625 and so went for this Bachmayr.

OK - quick review before it goes back. Remember the saying "You get what you pay for". Ne'er a true word was said.

There is a huge amount of play between the plunge bearings and the posts. Some of this goes when you activate the plunge lock but there's a lot left.

The slow-speed startup is OK.

Vibration at full revs (24000) about the same as my Ryobi...nowhere near as good as the DeWalt. On a scale of 1 to 10 the DeWalt is 8, my Ryobi is 3 and this Bachmayr is 4. But the Ryobi has been used a fair bit. The Bachmayr is new.

Turret so sloppy as to be unusable. There is a fine height adjuster (which is simply a plastic insert that unscrews out of the bottom of the plunge height adjuster.). Functional.

There is no lock on the ON/OFF switch. You have to first press a button to allow you to depress the on/off button. The spring is VERY strong and you have to use your full hand to grip it sufficiently. It will get very tiring with use.

It comes with a handful of HSS cutters. It needs to. I saved the best bit 'til last.

1/2"? Nope. Try 12mm. Yup. It's a doodee. Pants is the phrase, I think.

Let's see how easy it is to get my money back.

Chris Knight

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14 Jan 2004
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SE London - NW Kent

That was brave! I do hope you get your money back - I never thought of that in conjunction with an Ebay purchase - perhaps I am just cynical?

Looking up Bachmayr on the web reveals this http://tinyurl.com/ayuym which may go some way to explaining the problems you encountered!


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10 Sep 2003
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roger did you pay with paypal that gives you some protection and if the dealer is a power seller i dont think he will want bad feedback.

can you not use it as a paper weight or a door stop (hammer) (hammer) :wink: