Axminster Workshop AW2606B Bandsaw

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5 Oct 2014
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It's one of the ones I've been considering. Fair depth of cut at 8", 14" width. Others were the RP350 and Sabre 350, both of which are pricey at £1k and £1.250.
They have it in their outlet, riced at 700, instead of 800, but with only a 3 month guarantee and i've put an offer in for 540, which with the 60 quid delivery and lesser guarantee seems a bit fairer a price to me, but its effectively a new saw.

A bit of an impulsive thing to do, but as said im in the market, its got the capacities i'm looking for and if i can get it at the 600, then thats a fair saving.
So heres hoping a new bandsaw comes my way :)

If anyone has this model, please let me know how you are getting on with it.
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Cheap barstewards . They countered with 630+post @60, so 690 total. Currently theres an ebay voucher so i could have used that and got it for 649+the 60. With only a 3 month guarantee.

Brand new machine is currently 750 on their site, with a 3 year guarantee.
I think declining was the wise thing to do.

I really need to think twice and not get caught up in 2am impulsiveness :LOL:
I'd say you made the right choice. I think I looked at that one. Was it the one you posted in my bandsaw thread? I don't think it's worth the risk for a cheaply-made far-eastern machine with proven problems. If they offered a 3-year warranty, then perhaps... But as far as I remember reading, the 3-month warranty doesn't cover the original problem, which feels like a massive red flag. It should be covered if it's fixed and good enough to sell, IMO.

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