Axminster Perform CCBL Banjo issues - too short! Suggestions please.

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Will Dutson

13 Aug 2023
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I've recently bought and refurbished a Perform CCBL. I've noticed that the tool rest is positioned 25mm too low. I believe this is due to the banjo being one from a CCL (64mm vs 89mm)

Axminster can get the part, but would be a 6 month wait.

Any suggestions for making up the 25mm height (safely)?

Should I
a) buy/fabricate a taller tool rest (stiff enough?)
b) cut my losses and start again with another lathe
c) wait 6 months for the part from Axminster
d) try to find an equivalent part/lathe
d) any other ideas?

(Tool rest post diameter is also 25mm)

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 08.29.52.jpg

Photo of my banjo/rest support. Also a screenshot of the proper ccbl banjo on someone else's lathe.

Many thanks

Robert Sorby, and I think Charnwood and maybe Record Power, do component Toolrests. You buy the stem and fit different cross pieces, the idea being that if you change lathe to one that needs a different diameter you only need to change the stem. The stems are available in different lengths which gives you different heights. Turners Retreat have some on their website but you will find others I'm sure. Might be one way to do it.
If buying a new toolrest, are you sure the toolpost diameter is 25mm? It may well be 25.4mm (1").
If so it would be a nicer fit in whatever banjo you end up with.

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