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For Sale Axminster AWDE5002 wall mounted dust extractor


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19 Oct 2013
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Hello people.

I was given this in a swap for some tools a while back - didn't need it then, don't need it now. It's been hanging around (literally) for ages gathering dust, and not in the good way, but now I'm trying to tidy my walls it's probably time I get rid.

I can chuck in a few metres of high quality flexible hose (that's also been hanging around) to get you started.

Collection from my place on the A38 between Cheddar and Burnham-on-sea.

I think £100 is fair considering the hose is included.

Just going to bump this and say that, even though I'm obviously not tripping over it as it's on the wall, it is in the way and I'm up for sensible offers. Cheers.
Hi, if cally60 doesn't end up buying it I would be interested in this extractor. Thanks
I'm so sorry, I missed this as it was posted after I'd had the email about Cally's msg so they crossed. It is still available and price can be negotiable if any use.