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Sold Axminster Workshop AW118CE Cyclone Dust Extractor - 230V (SOLD)


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11 Mar 2009
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Reduced to £550

Selling my Axminster Workshop AW118CE Cyclone Dust Extractor - 230V which I purchased 2 years ago. I already have a Numatic extractor that I can use for power tools and has the ability to connect a 4" hose. Main reason for selling is that it doesn't get used enough to warrant keeping it, and we are moving house shortly and the new man cave is much smaller 😭 and won't have enough space.

These are currently £800 new so was thinking £550 might be a fair price. I will throw in the bags that I purchased, but I will keep the hose (these are extra anyway) as I can use that with my Numatic extractor. I am located in North Dorset and the unit would need to be collected with a panel size van.


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Seem to have a lot of dust in that filter bag, have you got an air leak or not emptied in 12 months ?

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