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Axe alterations


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El Barto

20 Nov 2016
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North Hampshire
I recently had a hewing axe made for me and even though it is a beautiful tool (have attached a photo for good measure), I’m not getting along with it at all.

I asked for the handle to be cranked but I don’t like it one bit and I’m wondering, is it possible to use a torch to get heat to the twisted area and straighten it out without affecting the temper? I wouldn’t like to try this myself but generally wondering. The guy who made the axe says it’d have to be basically completely reforged.

The blade is also too long - I want to lop about an inch off it and I’m wondering how I’d get that nice black finish on the newly ground area.

I’ve got a few hewing axes now and am yet to find something that suits me better than the double bevel Gransfors. Should probably quit while I’m ahead.

Any help appreciated as always!