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Sold Ash Boards


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10 Jan 2005
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West Berkshire
For sale £40, collected.

I have five air dried Ash boards that's been in my timber store for more than 6 years, that I need to find a new home for as I clearing space for new stock.
All the boards have lovely figure and although surface water staining is visible in the photo, it is only on the surface,
see photos 2 (before) and 3 (after) a couple of light passes with a plane.

The boards are 0.9 inches (22mm) thick and sizes as follows, listed left to right in the main photo.
45" long x 10.5"~16" wide.
49" long x 8"~13" wide
57" long x 15.25"~ 15.75" wide
60" long x 13.5"~15.5" wide.
60" long x. 10.5~15.5" wide

Happy for a prospective buyer to run a plane across the surface before taking them away.
I'm in West Berkshire, easy access for M4 Junction 12 or Junction 13.
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