Anyone doing any woodworking this weekend?

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Unfortunately , I'm not as recovering from surgery last monday. but hope to be in wksp for a wee while tomorrow and get some marquetry done. What about yersel Mike?
my back's back again so no :cry: osteopath's orders are to rest fully for at least 3 days.
Actual woodworking? God no.

I've been busy with this :)

Finished this yesterday.

It's got a few flaws.
It's a smidgen out of square, which shows on a couple of the mitre joints.
Used Osmo satin as a finish on the maple and the veneered panels are darker than the maple frames.
I need to make an infill piece for that bottom shelf.

I'm relatively pleased with it as it meets the design i made - which was to take as little space in the corner as possible, whilst still providing somewhere for the Xbox to go. I sized it to allow the xbox to slide in, but the square issues meant it was 1mm too small. So fortunately the xbox went in at 45 degrees.

Been making it for a few months on and off, work keeps getting in the way of workshop time. But its the work that pays for the workshop and wood!

It's replacing a built in piece of junk i made a few years back from MDF, so the wall / carpet / skirting need a bit of TLC too.

Oh and it's loosely based on Ben Tyremans corner AV unit - so thanks for the inspiration Tyreman :)
Yay! Some woodwork. Excellent. Well done fezman...........but 1mm. Surely building it 5mm bigger wouldn't have been a problem?
MikeG.":2b9uq32u said:
Yay! Some woodwork. Excellent. Well done fezman...........but 1mm. Surely building it 5mm bigger wouldn't have been a problem?

I know Mike , I know. But SWMBO didn't want it to intrude into the room more than it needed to. There is a bed to the left of the unit, and the path between them was to be "as wide as possible"

BTW - this is the first piece in that bedroom of a much bigger project - eventually (work gets in the way as I said), I'm planning 2x 3 drawer units, a new built in wardrobe (a bit like Steve M's), floor to ceiling
with internal drawers. However, I have an office to make before that. I reckon all of that will take me a year.
Went to work. Booo.
Came home and sorted a couple of handrails.

Nowt special by standards on here obviously.
Cleared all the machining marks on some tricky grain around some knotting. No tearout. Cap iron and sharp steel. Scraper used.
Cut out the rebates.
Had a cider then cleaned up everything to a standard that pleased me. No gaps. Trim. No panics.
All very basic stuff. But happy it's all becoming easier nowadays and the hat is starting to fit. I don't feel I'm pretending. I noticed that today.
Still very much a chancer but it was a nice afternoon. Working with Oak and sharp tools never hurts does it? So I had a couple more ciders and listened to this while finishing up.
That should get you moaning.
Yeh. Crack on. I'm bothered. :D
Yes! I finished a bench. Made from oak from two coffee tables that people were going to throw away. Seat made with Danish cord.
I have tried to follow instructions on how to upload pictures to this forum. As soon as I click the 'Attach file' button, my browser crashes. No fault of the forum.

I put them on my website at

You'll get a file listing, because my site is nothing fancy, more used as a backup for myself.

I could see why people would hesitate clicking an off site link from a guy you don't know, but it's all I got at the moment. Photos made with a telephone, a bit grainy here and there due to low lighting.
Got as far as dry fitting this telephone table for my parents, mostly using the fabric of their old bed. The legs need some inside taper, but I'm undecided about the shelf (single glued up panel vs T/G or shiplapped with room to move, and floating in a groove or sitting on a rebate). Hopefully I'll make my mind up while I build the drawer! If anyone has a compelling argument for one approach over another, please feel free...


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Thank you, fezman! I later realised that I could probably link from my site. I put them up there to be able to give you the url, so I was running in circles a bit. Please don't look at the one where I messed up a tenon and had to glue a pine shaving on it..
I’ve been continuing my fight with my coffee table corner joints. About a dozen dovetail practices and I’ve decided I can get them ok in c 20mm thick stock but doing them in 32mm thick and 590mm wide boards is just not working out.

So I built a box joint jig to use with my router and after some tests, jig modifications, and a bit of head scratching I think I may have cracked it. I’ll get some photos up tomorrow and if folks are interested I’ll post a wip on the jig and my learnings. There are a number of you tube vids on a similar jig but the devil really is in the detail.

Termites have eaten my window frames, so I spent yesterday digging out rotten wood filled with mud. Does that constitute woodwork, and do you really want photos? I did use a chisel...

Making up pieces to chase in is going to be more fun, as I don't know how to do it, and I'm making it up as I go along. Also the frames and windows are all varnished, so the difference between new pine and 15 year old very sun-tanned pine is a bit of a shock. Some kind of stain may be required.

If anyone has any advice, other than rip the frames out and start again, I would be delighted. If you really want photos, I could do that, too, but it's window frames - hardly exciting. (Possibly may be of interest in that they do them differently here - windows open inwards, as there are shutters on the outside which open outwards. Currently drinking coffee, but will take a few pics later.)

What I have noticed is that it tends to go quiet here at the weekends, but Monday is when people post the "What I did at the weekend" pictures. Apparently Facebook is much quieter at the weekend too, as people are out having fun, rather than at work posting about how their lives are actually brilliant, honest. I don't have Facebook, so this may be a vicious rumour.
I doubt this counts, but I decided to improve my storage arrangements for sheets of ply. In the past I’ve just leaned it against a wall but that causes it to sag and warp.

Having finally got round to buying a few sheets of decent birch ply, I didn’t want that to happen so made this frame. The wood leans flat against it, and ratchet straps hold it tight. Hopefully that will keep it flatter.

What do others do?



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