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20 Feb 2023
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Told to help myself to some offcuts (mostly softwood) for firewood, I found some 2 by 3 inch pieces of what I assumed was iroko. However, on planing a piece I wonder if it is, in fact, oak. It is all rift sawn. Any comments?
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Chestnut does have very fine rays and while oak is more likely,I still wouldn't rule it out altogether.The smell test would soon make it clear.
There's nothing there quarter sawn.
You're right, those three pieces are rift sawn, i.e., the growth rings hit the faces and edges at approximately 45º, and the face and edge grain show as parallel lines. Rift sawn oak, which is the wood pictured in the opening post, shows little or no evidence of the medullary rays on the faces, also see 2 below. A figured cut shows end grain of the growth rings at 60º - 80º to the wide face, parallel grain on the face and medullary rays often, but not always, show as wavering ribbons, see 3 below. Quarter (radially) sawn, see 4 below, where the growth rings are between 80º and 90º to the face display parallel grain and medullary rays as flecking also sometimes known as silver grain and other nomenclature. Slainte.


I wrapped some of the shavings around a steel nail and wet it. Next day the shavings in contact with the nail had gone dark. I guess that this also points to it being oak.
Although.........Sweet Chestnut will do the same, both are very high in tannins, which can lead to some wonderful effects if fumed with ammonia.

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