Another table saw thread buying question - Dewalt v Evolution Rage...?

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28 Feb 2016
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Hi all. I have been reluctant to take the plunge with getting a table saw due to lack of space and safety. However I now have a new shed, so think I may consider a table saw as they seem to be one of the most versatile woodworkin tools there are.

I am very much a "part time" DIY er, so only looking at budget stuff, and would like to make one of the many "sleds" I have seen on you tube.

Have been looking at various reviews and settled on either one of the above. I like the "mobility" of the rage, but I assume the Dewalt will be more robust / accurate? I know the Evolution is a little cheaper, but not fussed to an extra hundred quid if it gives better quality??

Would welcome any advice as to which one...

Many thanks for any replies...
In general I like Metabo stuff, (I have their mitre saw), but have seen some bad reviews ref their table saw....
I have the DW745 for around 4 years it's now been replaced by the DW7485. Which is enough for my needs. Has been excellent best thing about it is the rack and pinion fence. Would buy the DW7485 again if and when mine dies. You can get them for around £400 when on sale.
Just seen the DW7485 has a 210mm blade would go for the larger Dw7492 which has a 250mm blade like the DW745. It is quite a bit more expensive though so I guess depends whether you think you will need the bigger blade for what you intend to do.
I've had the Dw7491 for many years and the only down side I have with it is the noise levels.
Keith Brown(aka Rag n Bone Brown on YT) did a review of the Lumberjack TS which looked a tidy machine .
Interesting that Screwfix have the Rage for sale at under £200...bargain......BUT they don't have any stock???
I suppose when they do the price will go up!!
I have the dw7492. It's brilliant, fence is the best part. Cuts are accurate. I would recommend. I use it for segmented woodturning.
I have a similar set up to the OP and have the Dewalt, which I'm really happy with. A good set up + the dual locking fence makes accurate cuts really easy. Would definitely recommend it.
Have you looked at the Rutlands table saw. At £295 for a 10” with rack & pinion fence it seems good value, can only find good reviews on Reddit.

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