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13 Dec 2019
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Hi to all you scrollers.
Id say Im new to scrolling but as I have yet to purchase one Im still a wannabe.
Can anyone advise a machine here in the uk for a virgin scroller?
In previous life have plumbed, bathroom installed kitchen install etc so pretty practical. (my opinion)
Iv read previous post and the good advice id save and buy a good machine.
Don't really want to spend £5oo plus, as a starter. looking £120 or there abouts.
Thanks in advance.
The only bits of advice I can give you that are not tinged by bias towards the machine I have (outwith your price point) would be the following. If at all possible try to get a "test drive" on what ever model you decide to buy first and make sure that what ever machine you do get has the ability to take both pinned and unpinned blades and has a quick release of some sort. Other than that most of the machines in the price bracket are much a muchness.
Thanks Droogs. Test drive might be a problem, but good advice. Yes the price of decent machines that have been mentioned on posts are way more than my budget.
As far as the lower end machines they are very much of a muchness, most made by the same factories and rebadged

If your budget is only £120 I would suggest getting a used machine, many of which are little used or even unboxed, look on ebay, Gumtree, Preloved etc

Or there is a Parkside saw sold at Lidl for £70 at present, and Aldi retail a similar one for about the same periodically (under Workzone badging)

The Parkside I suspect in an Einhell and the Aldi is a Scheppach both have a three year warranty from new

Both will do as much as a machine up to about £200

Whatever you decide, get some good quality blades as they make all the difference, I would suggest Pegas
Thanks whatknot. Ill take a look in Lidl etc. I did read previous post re used machines on e bay gumtree, Iv made list of machines that have been discussed and are deemed good, Ill carry on looking and wait a little longer think. Been helpful thanks
Just a further hint, when searching any of the sites, use both Fret Saw and Scroll Saw as search terms, some people call them one or the other and sometimes both

Set up automatic searched which are useful, although I find regular searches of Gumtree are needed as the reminders are often sent late so the item has gone by the time you get to ask about it

Good luck in your quest